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Welcome to Equine Physio UK


Equine Physiotherapy, Massage & Rehabilitation Unit

Physiotherapy is used to treat injury, rehabilitate, and maintain the health and mobility of all our animals just as we do with people.

As with human sports medicine, a multi-modal approach of visual assessments, manual therapy, electrotherapy and rehabilitation all have a positive, non-invasive effect on pain reduction and restoration of normal muscle control and function.

But it isn’t just for the post-operative patient or injured…

Although animal physiotherapy is a veterinary referred treatment, we don’t just care for the broken.

Routine checks and work-ups assist in keeping your horse or dog in “tip-top” health, enabling him to be fully capable of the demands asked of him. Advice on feeding, training, conditioning and work programmes naturally run alongside the physical Physiotherapy session.


For the Competitor and Athlete.

A multi-disciplinary team of Physiotherapists, Vets and Farriers offer a high level of care, support and expertise to the competitive athlete and is becoming more of a reality in our modern, competitive world.


Interspinous Ligament Desmotomy (ISLD)


For the Surgical Patient.

Whilst providing owners with a plan to present their animals for surgery in the best condition for a speedy repair, my main input as a physiotherapist is post-surgery… reducing pain, restoring Range of Motion, muscle mass and symmetry and planning an exercise prescription for continued rehabilitation and prevention of re-injury.

Physiotherapy can be the difference between a return to work or not.

For Changes in Behaviour and Drops in Performance.

Sudden onset of bad behaviour from bucking, rearing, biting or an unwillingness to go forward, can often be an indication of chronic back pain, sacroiliac problems and muscle spasms. Involving physiotherapy, massage and electrotherapy provides positive effects and good results.

I truly advocate that pain must be respected and not suffered in our wonderful animals.

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