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Treatable Conditions


Conditions and proven treatments available:

  • Arthritis, DJD, spavin and splints

  • Suspensory Desmitis and tendonitis

  • Ligament and tendon strains and injuries

  • Muscular, neurological and orthopaedic conditions

  • Sacroiliac pain

  • Upward fixating patella

  • Kissing spine operations.

  • Acute and chronic pain and inflammation and oedema

  • Laminitis

  • Gait abnormalities, overuse, restrictions and difficulties

  • Muscle spasm, stiffness and soreness

  • Compensatory gaits

  • Skin conditions, proud flesh, wounds and infection


What to expect in an Appointment

Having started with the case history of the horse from the Vet, a balance and bio mechanical analysis is carried out, with postural and conformational observations noted too.

Dynamic observation and gait assessment follow and then reactivity tests and palpation.

The horses range of motion is checked and an assessment made of the physical disfunction, or not, and an accurate response to treatment can be made. Whether it be massage, manual therapy, stretching, electro physical modalities or thermo/cryotherapy.

Owners are usually the best assessors of the change in their animals’ behaviour and gait so I value your input.

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