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Rehabilitation needs to be exercise specific to the anatomical area of the body and pain free to avoid introducing more stiffness into the patient who may be apprehensive and guarded due to previous pain. Bringing back a horse from painful and motion limiting traumas, where coordination and balance will have been compromised, may mean his body works differently. His proprioception may have been affected after long term box rest or injury leaving him tripping, stumbling and lacking coordination.

Restoring positive reinforcement messages to a horse who has a lack of postural information after injury or through old age can be achieved through rehabilitative exercises.

Core strengthening, proprioceptive training, tendon and ligament support are just part of the basis for rehabilitation.

I advocate straightness training with long reins or in hand and use the equi-ami or a Thera band as a postural training aid when suitable. I also use a slow-motion video for gait analysis if needed.  I have years of experience in the rehabilitation of horses suffering from compensatory issues and most injuries.

Your horse can stay over a period of time for intensive physiotherapy and/or surgical rehabilitation, or simply book in for an hourly session.

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